Putting Your Toddler On A Clean Eating Diet Is A Colossal Pain In The Ass

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If I had met a mother like myself a few years ago, I would have certainly laughed behind her back. I was under the impression that every mom who went the trendy, gluten-free route was vapid and annoying (unless her kid really did have celiac disease). So, now I am that mom. We have had to contact my son’s daycare and bring special meals, depending on the menu for the day. He can’t eat hot dogs and cake at birthday parties anymore—at least until we get his allergies under control.

Trust me when I say that I never dreamed of being the clean eating mom. I’m so thankful my son’s allergies aren’t life-threatening. Still, I assume people are looking at me as an “optional,” over-the-top diet mom. To the naked eye, it probably seems like I’m drinking the Kool-Aid of natural health because I work in the industry, and I would positively die if my toddler ever put processed food into his precious mouth. I wish that was the case.

It’s times like these when I’m envious of celebrities who can brag about their baby’s “kind diet” because they have all the support (in the form of private chefs and nannies) they need to make it happen. I love eating healthy for myself and preparing healthy food for my family, but sticking to a strict diet for a two-year-old was never in my master plan.

It’s time for me to stop whining about my #firstworldproblems since my son is in overall good health. But it is way harder than I thought to create a clean eating menu for an already picky eater that throws expensive quinoa and salmon on the floor. The added bonus to this whole ordeal is that it gives my entire family the opportunity to eat healthier. So there’s that. But I still selfishly wish I could throw some goldfish crackers on his plate in a pinch.

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