Need Some Last Minute Gift Ideas? These Favorite Toys From Your Childhood Still Exist

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We’re in the home stretch here and I refuse to believe that you are all so super-organized that you have every bit of your holiday shopping done. Am I right? Are you panicking? Are you shopping as you read this?

Well, if you are and you are having a hard time finding inspiration for gifts – I thought I would remind you about some of the amazing toys we had when we were kids. Admittedly, some of the stuff was pretty weird – but a lot of it was awesome and still exists. I promise – if you can think of it, it exists on ebay. Clearly – it’s too late for ebay now, as we are only two days away from actual present unwrapping – but it’s the idea that I’m getting at here. You can definitely still find some of your favorite toys from childhood on the shelves of whatever toy store you are heading to today.

Snoopy Sno Cone Machine



How did I not know they still made these? Considering I had to get A’s in every subject in the third grade to get one – I’m going to have to think of some equally annoying way to make my child earn this thing. Sno cones taste so much better after some blood, sweat and tears.

Holly Hobbie Easy Bake Oven



This exists and is in working condition. It will for sure set your house on fire – but imagine the few moments of nostalgia you can share with your child before that happens! Did anyone else have this oven? I think I may still have a few scars from the second degree burns I got from handling the baking tins.

Fall guy lunch box



What kindergartener doesn’t want a lunchbox with the image of a man with rugged good looks engulfed in flames? If nothing else, you can fill it with coal to remind your child of the very real wrath of Santa. Nothing says you’ve been naughty like a rust-ridden receptacle for snacks.

Lincoln Logs



I’m determined to find some joy in these – or at least groom a future architect.

Donnie and Marie Barbie



Who needs Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber when you have Donny and Marie? I have a soft spot in my heart for these because they were my very first “Barbies.”

Weeble Wobbles



Theses “wobble” but they don’t fall down, so it may be easier to avoid stepping on one when you’re walking through your kids room at night. Plus, they’re adorable – so win, win.

Sit ‘n Spin



My kid has an annoying habit of spinning himself into total dizziness, crashing into furniture and falling to the floor. At least this thing will keep him on the ground.

Play Doh Fuzzy Pumper



Apparently someone objected to the awesome name “Fuzzy Pumper,” because it’s not called that anymore. Now it’s called Play Doh Scare Chair, but it still has the same awesome results; Play Doh “hair” pushes out of these little plastic heads and you can cut it. I freaked when I got this thing for Christmas in the first grade.