Claire Danes Avoids Annoying Baby Gender Inquiry With Funny Quip

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Claire DanesIt doesn’t look like pregnant Claire Danes will be sharing the gender of her baby any time soon. At least, not according to her recent appearance on Live! with Kelly. Darn those TV hosts who start inquiring about the sex of one’s unborn.

People magazine reports that after her uterus became the subject of conversation, Claire decided on a better retort than simply “we’re not telling,”:

“It is a human being, which is a profound relief,” the actress joked during a Tuesday appearance on Live! with Kelly, on which the new co-host was confirmed.

I wish more gender shy or simply private mothers-to-be with make use of this one in cocktail parties, grocery store lines, and anywhere else strangers assert themselves into the intimate details of your growing family. Claire isn’t pushing a mommy brand empire after all, meaning that she is not updating us on her sonogram appointments in conjunction with TV appearances.

But a little humorously spun timidity in response to an increasingly common celebrity mommy question is pretty refreshing — and different. If Claire keeps this up, we won’t even know if she delivers naturally, vaginally, or goes under the knife. We won’t know what time she goes into labor or if she’s expecting a preemie. She’ll just be photographed walking down the street one day with a baby in her arms and maybe someone will send out a press release.

I like this pattern.

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