Cindy Crawford Shows Her Daughter Beauty Is Not About Deprivation

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Cindy Crawford may be a supermodel but this video with Marlo Thomas indicates that she’s a super mom too. Cindy tells Marlo that when it comes to her kids, she leads by example, especially when it comes to her daughter. Although having a supermodel for a mommy may enforce some high standards of beauty, Cindy won’t let that include ideas of food deprivation. Cindy makes sure to demonstrate this every time mother and daughter go out to eat. If her little one wants ice cream, Cindy makes sure to have a little herself to get the point across.

Cindy tells Marlow in the clip:

I don’t want my daughter to think she has to deprive herself to be pretty…It’s all about balance and I can teach that best by living it.

I’ve often sat across from mothers who honestly want healthy relationships with food for their daughters. But although they make sure to keep their children’s plates full of healthy portions, the mothers themselves consume very little and speak often of diets and perpetually cutting back on their own food intake. It’s a mixed message for a little girl who is being told one thing while observing another, particularly if this schism is happening in her home.

Cindy’s efforts to shape her daughter’s relationship with food by “living” balance produces a pretty consistent example from which her little one can learn.

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