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Why I Can’t Carry A Gun: I Would Shoot The Guy Who Puts Out His Cigarette On A Child

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A man in the U.K. put a cigarette out on the head of a three-year-old child.  Are you sure you guys still want me to take handgun training? Because I’m not sure if I could be trusted to carry a concealed weapon if anything like this happened to my kid. From the Daily Mail:

A three-year-old boy was left with a burn on his head after a complete stranger stubbed a cigarette out on him.

Javid Lal was with his mother, Malikah, when the incident occurred in Hyson Green, Nottingham.

He was left with a mark on his head for two days following the random attack.

The youngster had been walking on the pavement with his mother when a man walked past them and then turned around, appearing to aim his lit cigarette for the top of the child’s head.

What the what? Seriously. How awful for that poor kid and just as traumatic for his poor mom.

Miss Lal said: ‘It was absolutely horrifying. I’m so angry and upset. It breaks my heart someone could do this to any child, never mind my son.’

The 30-year-old said she was too shocked to go after the man and instead comforted her son.

She added: ‘I am feeling disappointed with myself, because I’ve always thought if someone went for my children, I would go for them.

‘I feel kind of responsible, as if I’ve let my baby boy down. I was mortified and was nearly physically sick. I couldn’t stop crying.

I can’t even imagine. I’ve never had some random stranger approach any of my kids on the street, except for old people who always just want to make a comment or say hello, but not use my child as a place to stub out their cigarette.

‘He had put the cigarette out so hard there was no way it could have been an accident. I’m shocked and disgusted.

‘I started running after him but then it looked like he was going to hit me and he ran off. I chased after him, but lost him.’

The police are still investigating this, and no one has been apprehended yet. What a terrible, random, creepy crime to happen to a young child. I can’t even begin to imagine what would make someone do this to a child, and if you follow the link to the Daily Mail article you can see photos of the little guy. He is so adorable and I hope he isn’t having too hard of a time coping with this. The fact that his poor mom is having all of this guilt over the crime is a feeling I think so many mothers are familiar with. When something awful happens to our kids we tend to go over it in our heads numerous times wondering what we could have done to prevent it or how we could have reacted differently. But who could ever imagine something like this happening? There is no way to expect this. We hold our kid’s hands as they cross the street. We walk with them next to us. We just never expect some random weirdo will use them as an ashtray.

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