Insulting Ciara’s Parenting Could Cost Her Ex a Whole Lot of Money


(Via Instagram/Ciara)

Co-parenting after a separation is extremely complicated. We all know that it’s best for the kids if we can somehow manage to stay close and respectful and work together like a family, but that can be very difficult to do when one is angry and frustrated. Still, criticizing an ex’s parenting on Twitter is a pretty bad move, especially when one is a super famous rapper with millions of followers like Future.

According to TMZ, Future has been criticizing Ciara’s parenting on Twitter and in radio interviews. Future and Ciara used to be engaged, but they broke up in 2014. They have a baby together–a boy named Future–but apparently co-parenting has been rocky, because Ciara is now suing Future for $15 million for slander and libel for allegedly making unflattering comments about her parenting in public.

Ciara’s suit allegedly refers to several interviews in which Future allegedly disparaged her and her parenting in public, and she specifically cites a radio interview where Future implied that Ciara had set up a paparazzi photo of her boyfriend, Russell Wilson, pushing the baby in a stroller as a “publicity stunt.” That does sound pretty ridiculous. It’s not weird for a woman’s boyfriend to push her child in a stroller, even if he’s not the father of the child in question. Also Ciara was right there. It was just a photo of a couple walking and the man happened to be pushing the stroller.

Future has also complained about Ciara, custody, and visitation on Twitter, and Ciara does not approve of that one bit. Future reportedly complained that Ciara wasn’t letting him see their son, while Ciara reportedly says that is not true and she’s been explicitly trying to facilitate visitation between them. In her suit, Ciara wants Future to be ordered to delete all the Tweets about her and to be blocked from saying anything publicly about their co-parenting of their baby in the future.

When a couple without kids splits up, they can often just ghost out of each other’s lives forever. But when there are kids involved, chances are you’re stuck together forever. Disagreements are inevitable, but for the sake of the kids it is good to try not to insult each other in public, especially if it could wind up costing a person $15 million.


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