Chronically Late Teens Get 6:30 A.M. Wake-Up Call – Straight From Their High School

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Students at an Iowa high school are receiving 6:30 a.m. wake-up calls from their school district’s automated calling system.

“Good morning from Marshalltown High School,” the message begins. “It’s time to get up and enjoy the day.”

Kill. Me. Now. I am well past my high school years but as The World’s Worst Morning Person Ever, I would most definitely toss my phone across the room if I ever received such an irritating early-morning call (and I’m not even a hormonal teen). That, or I’d just turn off my ringer.

But for the 250-plus students who are chronically late for class (as in, five times or more since March), this is their reality. Of course, parents will have the option of taking their kid off the list, but then they have to agree to work with the school on finding other ways to get their child there on time (what a pain).

Keeners need not worry: parents can opt in to the wake-up program simply by calling the school.


(Photo: iStockphoto)