Gift This: 10 Christmas Gifts For Kids That Will Make Their Parents Love You

We all know the kinds of gifts that people give kids that drive us parents crazy. The messy stuff, the toys full of tiny parts, the toys that make horrible sounds, the list goes on. It would seem that there are a number of ways to get revenge on someone you don’t like by gifting their kid with something horrible. However, there are also many gifts you can give a child that will make their parents incredibly happy and they don’t all have to be toys. See below for the best gifts for kids that will make their parents love you:

1. Museum/Zoo/Science Center Membership


This is a whole-family gift I am always a fan of to both give and receive. We have a local zoo that is open year-round and having a membership means there is always a default activity on weekends when everyone is stir-crazy and bored. Best gift ever.

2. Activity Fees


The sticker shock of playing sports, taking music lessons and dance class sure can suck. It is an awesome gift when a relative offers to pay for a month or two of lessons.

3. Clothes

mad kid

It might not be at all popular with the kids (I can remember my brothers chucking them aside in disgust), but parents always love a gift of clothes. With the rate that most kids grow out of sizes, keeping them in clothes that fit can be a costly venture.

4. Books And Puzzles


It goes without saying that most families would welcome gifts like this. No matter what, our kids always go back to books and puzzles as perennial favorite winter activities.

5. Sports Equipment


If you know a child you buy gifts for plays a certain sport, ask what shape their equipment is in. I know our kids need new baseball gloves and bats as they grow

6. Room Decor


I love getting things for my kid’s rooms. A fun blanket, a lamp or wall hanging are all functional but fun.

7. Gift Certificates


Again, gifting a child with an experience rather than an item to take up space is popular with most parents. A favorite restaurant or bouncy house would work well.

8. Quiet Learning Toys


An abacus, wooden blocks or toys, magnetic wooden dress-up toys and board games are fantastic. They teach them something and don’t make a lot of sound or mess.

9. Shoes

new kicks

When kids grow out of shoe sizes every three months and with shoes costing what they do, these are a very welcome gift.

10. Pretend Play Toys


Dress-up costumes are always a hit- kids love them, they hardly take up any space and they can be used for years. Also, my children have a crazy obsession with felt puppets. We have several and they have played with them for years. Stimulates their imagination, makes no annoying sounds and takes up little to no space.

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