Christmas Eve Open Thread: Is Everybody Drunk And/Or In Their Pajamas Yet?

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It’s Christmas Eve! This is the first year in a decade I have been out of NYC for the holiday season, and although I miss it terribly, I have to say it’s pretty fantastic being in a place that basically shuts down today. The air just feels stiller when you walk outside. Everything is closed. Christmas in New York was getting busier and busier and beginning to feel like just another day – which is kind of a bummer if it’s a holiday you like to celebrate.

I’m not very religious so I can’t say I’m necessarily celebrating Jesus’ birthday today. I am celebrating being with my family on Christmas for the first time in years, having a steady job (thanks Mommyish!), and having a child who is finally going to be giddy on Christmas morning. The holidays are starting to feel magical again – after many years of them being just kind of a bummer.

We’ve had the tradition of opening our presents on Christmas Eve (which I love), but now that I have a child who actually believes in Santa – I think we are going to have to forego the late night present opening. Or maybe we’ll do a few among the adults and let the morning be for the kids. I haven’t totally decided. How do all handle the present-opening? Let’s swap ideas.

Happy Christmas Eve!

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