The 10 Most WTF Christmas Decorations Ever

It’s the most … decorated time of the year. We get it: Christmas is a festive occasion. But just because there are a million and a half decorative items available with which to adorn your house and home, doesn’t mean you have to use them all at once. And just because you are able to hire factories full of underpaid workers, doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind and produce objects that obliquely reference this once-religious occasion but also miss the point entirely and offend everyone with eyes. Though if people didn’t fail spectacularly at their holiday decorations, the world would be a much less entertaining place. That’s why we’re taking this occasion to present 10 Christmas decorations that make us wonder, WTF?!

1. SantaCon got out of hand.

What do they want? We’ll give them anything, just make them go away!

2. Santa must have switched vehicles.

Which one was Rudolph, Mama?

3. The Christmas Spirit was full of hot air…

[youtube_iframe id=”M4btsZbJ00w”]

According to the Youtube poster, this household in Atlanta spends $1,500 on electricity during the holidays.

4. … Until a serial killer came along.


Gruesome, though still not as awful as the reindeer tree.

5. Caught him!

army-guy (Image: Imgur)

Something tells us the army dude lives there year round.

6. DIY mess
book-tree(Image: Imgur)

We’ve seen this Book Tree “decoration hack” all over the Internet, and, as suspected it turns out looking like the giant mess we already have in the corner.

7. Away in a kennel

Even dog lovers must find this creepy.

8. Wrong holiday
flog_lights (Image:

This should be up during Easter, right?

9. Wrong everything
black-peter(Image: Shutterstock)

We always thought the Dutch were so much more progressive than us, until we learned about Black Pete. Please, stop.

10. Please, please let this be intentional.
door-santa(Image: Imgur)

That little guy is actually kind of adorable. And the elf’s not so bad either.

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