Christina El Moussa’s 7-Year-Old Wore a Bikini and the Internet Lost Its Dang Mind

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When Christina El Moussa, the star of HGTV’s Flip or Flop, went on Instagram last week to show off a picture of her new French bulldog puppy, she was not expecting the firestorm that happened when commenters saw that her daughter was wearing a bikini.

In the photo, El Moussa and her 7-year-old daughter, Tay, are both wearing purple bikinis. El Moussa is holding the new puppy, who has giant bat ears and is adorable, and Tay is holding a huge chocolate doughnut. It’s cute. It makes people want both doughnuts and puppies. But some commenters thought it was hugely inappropriate and unsafe for El Moussa’s daughter to be wearing a bikini, and they wasted no time attacking the mom for it.


“It’s not about “hating” @christinaelmoussa, like everyone is saying… it’s about the fact that she’s pretending this is about a dog while she’s broadcasting a 7 y.o.’s body all over IG when that child can’t give informed consent. She could have taken a picture of the dog and the child fully clothed,” one commenter wrote, according to Refinery 29.

“Totally inappropriate,” another said.

“Who decides to throw on bikinis to announce they have a dog?” another commenter asked. Um, people in southern California? It’s sunny and in the high 70s on the west coast, and El Moussa has a pool. Why wouldn’t they be in their bathing suits?

On top of all that, if El Moussa’s 7-year-old were a boy in swim trunks, everything about this would be just fine. (Remember that time a mom got banned from Facebook because her long-haired 8-year-old was wearing swim trunks, and she only got her account back after telling Facebook that her kid was a boy?) There’s nothing wrong with small children in 2-piece bathing suits. Taylor looks like any happy kid at the pool, and insisting that this is somehow sexual is weird and inappropriate.

For a really cute moment, though, check out this video El Moussa posted of her daughter seeing the new puppy for the first time. It’s so sweet it’s going to make everyone want to get their kids dogs.