Christina Aguilera’s Dirrty Baby Shower Cake Will Make You Love Her Even More

I am a sucker for a gal with a sense of humor. After seeing the naughty details that unfolded at Christina Aguilera’s baby shower, it makes me want to be her friend IRL.

The fun starts with this super-amazing, flower-child photo of pregnant Christina posed with a graphic vagina cake, posted to Twitter:

Christina Aguilera baby shower cake

A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Although we have celebrated the glory that is lifelike Vagina Cakes here at Mommyish, Christina’s baby shower cake has been called ”the greatest baby shower cake ever,” and rightly so.

Christina is pregnant with her second child, a girl, with fiance Matthew Rutler. Christina also has a six-year-old son Max with her ex-husband Jordan Bratman.

It seems that Christina is breaking all of the pregnancy ”rules” this time around. She celebrated with a””gasp!””second baby shower that was””gasp!””coed, held at the home of her stylist. In the celebrity world, she probably committed another faux pas when she only invited 50 friends and family members to celebrate with her in an intimate gathering. And then came the full-frontal cake, which read ”Push Xtina, push.”

Reportedly, the coed shower included several traditional games and a few ”racy” games too. Yet another reason that I wish Christina and I had become friends in another life.

So, here’s a recap of all of the awesome irreverent things that Christina did at her baby shower: She had a second baby shower in the first place, often considered tacky; her shower was coed instead of girls-only; she had an intimate gathering in lieu of a big celebrity bash; she played racy games, along with a few traditional favorites; and she capped it off with the best baby shower vagina cake ever.

Christina, you are a girl after my own heart.

(Image: Twitter)

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