Christian School Claims Their Bigoted Letter Wasn’t Just About Sunnie Khale’s Hair

Christian School Defends Itself Sunnie Khale CaseI’m not a very religious person. I’m not sure I believe in God per se, but I do know that if there is a God who watches over us and keeps tabs on everything we are doing and cares deeply about our actions and all of that stuff, he really, truly, one gazillion per cent does not give a shit about what type of hairstyle we have. On God’s big list of worries about the world and its inhabitants, women and girls having short haircuts is not placed between his laundry list of concerns, between serial killers and the threat of nuclear war.

Someone should probably tell the school administrators of Timberlake Christian School in Virginia this, because they informed the grandparents of eight-year-old Sunnie Kahle (who they are the legal guardians of) that if their granddaughter didn’t meet the school’s biblical standards, she wouldn’t be allowed to enroll there next year. What are these biblical standards that little Sunnie isn’t following? She loves sports, wears sneakers, and has an adorable little pixie haircut. My co-worker Julia at The Gloss wrote about this case recently, and now that news agencies are reporting on the incident the school has come back with their own statements that the public just doesn’t understand the whole story about why they sent their dumb letter.


However, Timberlake Christian says there is much more to the story than has been shared. Mat Staver with Liberty Counsel is now representing the school.  He says this has never been a about hair length or combat boots.

“Timberlake Baptist Church and Christian school gratefully regrets the misinformation that has been given to the media regarding a situation that they have been working with the family for a few years now” said Staver.

The school says gender distinction is a part of their Christian values, and it wasn’t just the way she dressed that violated their policies.

For confidentiality reasons, the school would not go into details but they did say restroom use became a problem.

“This is an 8 year old girl we are talking about, and I just feel uncomfortable putting her personal information out there for public scrutiny” said Staver.

Her great-grandma did speak of instances where girls thought Sunnie was a boy in the bathroom.


This is so ridiculously stupid. And I cannot think of a single God-fearing Christian I know who would disagree with me here. It’s absurd. I’m glad they sent this letter because I don’t think Sunnie, or any kid, should go to that school anyway. She’s better off attending a school that lets girls play sports and wear their hair how they want.

Until I hear Sunnie was just some monster child and was acting super terrible while attending school, I think this is just a simple case of these weirdos thinking her short hair was giving her the gay and that didn’t mesh with their “Christian values.”

(Image: WSET video)

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