Protesters Scream At Muslim Kids Singing National Anthem, Because Patriotism Only Counts If You’re Christian

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texas muslim capital day protestersWhat do hardcore right-wingers in Texas love more than the National Anthem? Maybe a group of children singing the National Anthem, on the steps of the state capital building? Sounds more adorable and American than apple pie – unless those children happen to be Muslim. In that case, it’s apparently the most horrific offense to patriotism that’s ever happened in the history of the USA.

On Thursday, Raw Story reports, an event called Texas Muslim Capitol Day took place in Austin, as well as an event called ‘Nasty Angry Xenophobes Come Out To Scream At Muslims Day’. The focus of said  xenophobes seemed to be on the horrifying prospect of this group of 100 or so Muslims inflicting Sharia law on everyone else in the state.

If you’re wondering how on earth Texas Muslim Capital Day was able to become a state-recognized holiday, the answer is that it wasn’t. It’s just a small gathering put together by the Council on American-Islamic Relations for Muslim constituents to organize and share their concerns with state politicians. (For reference, the National Day of Prayer and the National Prayer Breakfast are both official events recognized by the U.S. Congress. But, you know. Sharia!!)

The event involved prayers, speakers, and songs, all of which were responded to with several gallons of bile from the gathered protesters. But surely when six Muslim girls began leading the group in the National Anthem, the shouters would settle down? Um, no.

[youtube_iframe id=”cGH_nIWoHxk”]

“Oh, you gotta be kidding me,” is the first thing you can hear one of the men say when the first notes of the anthem began to become audible over the squawking cacophony of background noise helpfully provided by him and his buddies.

“If you’re gonna sing it, put your hand over your heart like a real American!” shouts a women who is wearing a hat during the National Anthem. Do as she says, not as she does.

“Denounce the violence!” screams another woman at the singing girls. It is not clear why she thinks these six children have to make amends for violence committed by strange men somewhere across the globe. I’m sure she apologized for the Sikh Temple Massacre, the 2008 Unitarian church shooting, and Oklahoma City just before the video starts.

“You don’t represent that freedom,” these young girls hear, as they sing their country’s National Anthem on the steps of the capital of their state. Actually? I think they represent that exact freedom beautifully. And while I don’t expect a great deal from people screaming that the Qu’ran is hate speech while screaming at praying people to go home and take Obama with them – hurling vitriol about how unpatriotic these kids while they sing about loving America may have sent me into the weekend suffering from a critical overdose of irony.

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