Jesus Freak: ‘I’ll Pray For You’ And 19 Other Buzzwords Only Christians Understand

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11. I Feel Called


12. In The Flesh

You’re doing bad things or thinkin’ nasty thoughts.

13. In The Spirit

You’re doing whatever you want “in a spiritual way.”

14. Love Offering

A cutesy way of saying, “Leave your money at the altar. I take checks.”

15. Testimony

Code for: “Imma tell you a story, and it’s gonna be LONG.”

16. PTL

If you’re cool, you know exactly what PTL means. (If you’re not, it means: Praise The Lord.)

17. Pray On It

Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.

18. Prayer Request

The original vaguebooking—first invented at church.

19. Secular

Bad. Very, very bad.

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