Christian Mom Blogger Burns Teen Vogue Over Anal Sex Article

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In many ways the U.S. school system is failing to protect and educate young people about sex. Fortunately for kids today, Teen Vogue is here to help. As part of its sex education and health coverage, Teen Vogue just ran “A Guide to Anal Sex.” It explains the physics of anal sex, and how to engage in it a safe, consensual, and pain-free way, if one chooses to do that.

Now, of course, some people are flipping their bleached blonde lids about this. (Homophobic wingnuts thought Lego Batman was a secret LGBT mind control technique to brainwash kids, and one pastor said the boy American Girl doll was literally Satan. Of course they’re not going to take anal sex lying down.)

Almost before the Teen Vogue issue hit the stands, Christian mom blogger Elizabeth Johnson of The Activist Mommy actually filmed herself setting an issue on fire. She begs her followers–of which she has many–to call their bookstores, libraries, gas stations, etc. and demand that they stop carrying Teen Vogue. Several of her followers are also trying to get Teen Vogue and sex educator Gigi Engle, who wrote the article, prosecuted for exposing children to obscene materials.

“They are teaching children how to be safely sodomized,” Johnson says on her video, as she tears Teen Vogue up page by page and burns it. “They are teaching kids how to have anal intercourse. We should not be teaching children, period, how to have sex. Look at what’s in this magazine for teenagers. How to masturbate, all about homosexual sex, gender fluidity.”

Johnson is a vocal opponent of homosexuality and the idea of gender fluidity. She has 10 kids, and over 180,000 followers on Facebook.

Sex educator Gigi Engle, who wrote the article, is not backing down.

Engle has been getting her share of hate and threats, but she’s standing behind her article and the necessity of educating kids–including gay kids, who get left out of these conversations a lot–about sex.

Teen Vogue digital editorial director Philip Picardi addressed the flood of hate mail he’s been getting over the article.

Teens need sex ed.

Picardi wrote that his Catholic school had no sex education. A teacher even told him right to his face that God thought gay sex was a sin.

“Fast forward to frosh year of NYU, me crying at Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, bc I’d just slept w someone who I found out was HIV+,” he wrote on Twitter, saying that if he’d had Teen Vogue when he was a teen, he’d have been a lot safer and better off.

Picardi’s Twitter thread starts here and the whole thing is worth a read, especially the mic drop at the end.

Teen Vogue is providing useful information that it can actually be hard to find, even with the Internet. (Don’t Google “anal sex.”) I learned stuff from this article, and I’m a grown-ass woman. I don’t know any teenagers at the moment, but I’m going to go get a subscription for myself.

What do you think of Teen Vogue? Let us know in the comments.

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(Image: Screenshot / The Activist Mommy)