Chrissy Teigen Shuts Down IVF-Shaming Troll Who Wants to Know if she ‘Tried Naturally’


A woman can’t do anything in the public eye without getting attacked or shamed for it, especially if that woman is blunt, assertive, and outspoken like supermodel Chrissy Teigen. Teigen is a charming and active presence on Twitter, but she’s constantly attacked for all manner of things. She’s been slut-shamed for being naked sometimes. She’s been mom-shamed for holding her baby the “wrong” way. She’s been criticized for putting on too much weight during pregnancy, and too little weight during pregnancy. She’s been shamed for having a baby out of wedlock, even though she is married. It’s absurd, and a less tireless woman would have given up by now, but Teigen Tweets on, undaunted, even though this week some IVF-shaming busybody got up in her face about using IVF instead of trying “naturally.”

When asked in a TV interview recently if Teigen and her husband, John Legend, expect to have any  more babies, Teigen commented that they wanted another baby for sure, and that a little boy would be next. At that news, fans and critics started speculating that Teigen was pregnant again, because how else would she know her next baby would be a boy?

Well, Teigen is not pregnant. But she knows her next baby will be a boy the same way she knew her first baby would be a girl: She has embryos prepared and knows what sex they will be. Teigen had her embryo planted one at a time, and she selected the female embryo last time, so she knew she would be having a girl. The remaining embryo is male, so if that one implants successfully, Teigen’s next baby will be a boy.

Teigen explained this on Twitter to calm the pregnancy rumors that were already beginning to get started.



That should have been that, but one of Teigen’s sanctimonious asshole followers decided to butt in and ask, “Did you give it a minute to try naturally, or are you avoiding ‘the act’?”

What a rude question! I guess we have a new addition to the “Things not to say to a woman who conceived through IVF” list.

How does this woman think this works? Does she seriously think Chrissy Teigen went through egg retrieval, hormone injections, and all the other stuff that goes along with IVF just so she could avoid having sex with her wonderful husband, John Legend?

Teigen snapped back with a righteous fury, telling the jerk that she actually tried to conceive “naturally” for nine years before having her baby with the help of IVF.

chrissy-teigen-fertility-twitter-ivf-shaming-trollLinda has since changed the name on her account and her identifying details so it no longer gives her first and last names and says she is a Palm Coast teacher. Now she goes by Cecelia1555, but she hasn’t deleted anything and she seems to be enjoying her newfound infamy. In addition to posturing for attention from Teigen’s fans, her account is still mostly ranting about racism against white people and yelling at the cast of Hamilton for being “racist,” and for being rude to her darling vice president Mike Pence. Her account was mostly empty before this, but lately she seems to be enjoying the attention she’s getting from Teigen’s defensive fans. (She also seems to have an affinity for retweeting a fake Kellyanne Conway Twitter account, but does not seem to realize it’s fake.)

We can’t all be rock stars, but it’s pretty sad for one’s biggest life achievement to be getting a bit of hate mail for fertility-shaming a woman on Twitter, especially since this rage fame will be over in a few minutes. Don’t worry about Linda, though! She has big plans. (Her big plans currently seem to consist of harassing Meryl Streep fan pages on Twitter.)

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