Chrissy Teigen Posts Her Stretch Marks to Twitter, Everyone Loves Her for It

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Chrissy Teigen is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model and author of one of the most successful cookbooks of the year. (It’s actually a very good cookbook. I have a copy.) In between writing cookbooks and being on red carpets, she is chilling just like a normal mom: By drinking wine and posting photos of her stretch marks to millions of people on Twitter.

Last night Teigen posted a close-up photo of the stretch marks on her inner thigh with the caption, “Whatevs.”


She followed that one up with a Tweet saying, “When I drink wine I say ‘Whatevs,’ and sober Chrissy doesn’t like it.”

I finally have something in common with supermodel Chrissy Teigen! Well, besides the stretch marks and the love of spicy food. I also constantly tweet things like, “Whatevs” when I drink and them am annoyed at myself about it in the morning.

Teigen’s pretty good at taking drunk iPhone photos. Her stretch marks match the lines on that surely very expensive wood table, and there’s a nearly empty glass of wine sitting on that table, lovingly highlighted by the angular composition of the photo. If it were me, the photo would be out of focus and there’d be socks on the table.

Having a baby changes a person’s body permanently. Even if a person looked like a supermodel before, during, and after her pregnancy–like Teigen did–there are still lots of differences. Stretch marks are just one of the things that changes, but they’re one of the most common. Teigen’s right not to care about those marks, though. Even from a purely superficial standpoint, they don’t seem to make much difference in the look of her leg. It’s just a slightly different texture on her skin.

The weirdest thing is that I’ve been scrolling through the replies to Teigen’s picture since last night, and I haven’t seen a single person saying something mean about it. How is that possible? It’s Twitter. Where are the sexist, body-shaming trolls? They must be there somewhere, but so far all I’ve seen are people praising Teigen, posting their own stretch marks, and talking about how Teigen made them feel better about their own stretch marks.

Later, Teigen posted an explanation: “I do not post stretchies for the praise. I do it because the wine. Also I like the pattern and they’re so soft.”

The way society treats stretch marks is nonsensical. Idiots who don’t know where stretch marks come from are constantly insisting that they’re punishment for laziness or not taking care of ourselves properly, or that they’d just go away if we went to the gym. The pressure makes sense, because if we weren’t worried about stretch marks, how would the cosmetics industry get us to spend thousands of dollars on creams to prevent and/or cure them? Or thousands of dollars for painful removal procedures?

Stretch marks aren’t a big deal. They aren’t a sign of failure, or that a person did something wrong. They’re not even unattractive. They’re just one of the many, many weird things that happens to a person’s body throughout their lifetime. There’s nothing to do about them but drink some wine and say, “Whatevs.”