Chrissy Teigen and Luna Are Delicious in Matching Avocado Bathing Suits

Chrissy Teigen is a supermodel with great style and designer clothes, but I’ve never envied one of her red carpet gowns as much as I envy the amazing matching avocado bathing suits she and Luna are wearing for her new cookbook.

Chrissy Teigen and Luna were taking photos for Teigen’s new book, and their matching avocado outfits were amazing.

How fabulous are those? They’re covered in avocados, and avocados are the best food. Both of the swimsuits are by Mott 50, and they have long sleeves, and provide SPF 50 sun protection.

Luna is wearing the Mini Mila, which originally cost $44 but is now on sale for $11. Unfortunately, it is only currently in stock in the avocado print in size 6/7.

Mott 50 also makes separate kids’ bathing suits in two pieces, so a long-sleeved swimsuit top with bikini bottoms. Personally, I find that setup more convenient for small kids. The long-sleeved top offers SPF 50 sun protection, but the separate bottoms are easier to remove when a small child suddenly has to run to the bathroom. Those are on sale too, but the avocado print is out of stock, tragically.

Chrissy Teigen’s wearing the Kelly back-zip one-piece swimsuit. It’s $125 but on sale for $35, and there are stills some sizes available in the avocado print.

Chrissy Teigen once went to a club and decided to swap her Lanvin jumpsuit with a stripper working there, and went home in a mesh bodysuit. I wonder if I could convince her to swap this avocado bathing suit for something. (Do you think she likes yoga pants? I have a lot of yoga pants.)

Luna loves her bathing suit.

People loved it as much as we do with comments flooding in asking where they could get their hands on some avocado garb.

traverpatrick writes, “Nice outfits you look great.” Another comment writes, “Omg stoppp??? where can we find!!!!!!” And there are basically like 8,000 more of them.

As if that weren’t enough to make your ovaries explode. (Or to make you start thinking about acquiring another baby.) Teigen just posted a video of 18-month-old Luna practicing talking.

I’m with Chrissy Teigen, toddlers are the coolest. Babies are cute and all, but when they start walking around and talking and stuff, that’s when they become really adorable. Luna is just the most precious little thing.

What do you think of these matching bathing suits? Let us know in the comments.

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(Image: Instagram / @ChrissyTeigen)

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