Chrissy Teigen Getting Stuck in Her Hair Extensions Will Make You Glad to Be a Regular Mom, Not a Cool Mom

Chrissy Teigen is not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. She’s a supermodel and cookbook author who goes to the Oscars and pretends to fall asleep when douchebags get awards. She’s funny and wacky and relatable as heck, but she’s not a regular mom. Regular moms wear leggings. Chrissy Teigen goes to the club and trades her Lanvin jumpsuit with a stripper and leaves in a mesh bodysuit, so Chrissy Teigen is the cool mom. Being a cool mom is glamorous and exciting, but it’s not all perfect. Sometimes you’re dancing with Channing Tatum, and sometimes you’re lying on the floor of the bathroom because you can’t figure out how o get your extensions out of your hair.

According to PEOPLE, Chrissy Teigen’s real hair is in a long bob right now, but she’s often photographed with long hair thanks to extensions. Extensions have been increasingly popular in recent years, especially since the new ones can be clipped in and taken out at will, without any sort of permanent attachment. That’s supposed to make them easy, but as Chrissy Teigen’s latest snapchat shows, it’s not actually that easy. If you’re tired, or uncoordinated, or have had a bit to drink, finding the clips and getting them out without ripping your hair can be pretty difficult. It’s like when you wake up and find your false eyelashes stuck to the wall because you couldn’t be arsed to find and open their box before falling into bed the night before. (It’s not just me, right?)

In the photos, Teigen is lying on the floor in a white bathing suit while her assistant tries to untangle the extensions, which have gotten really stuck in there.

“Wanted: New assistant to take my hair out, because this one sucks!” Teigen joked in a heavy groan before her assistant grabbed her head to force her to hold still.

At one point Teigen begged her assistant to just cut the extensions out of her head, but her assistant kept at it and eventually the extensions were safely removed.

Some commenters did not appreciate Teigen’s joke about firing her assistant, so once the emergency was handled and the extensions were removed and everybody was calm and sober again, a now short-haired Teigen and her assistant showed up in another video.

”If you watched my previous three snaps you know I’m in dire need of an assistant, so be sure to send all your applications to me here. Be sure and call my old assistant to apply to be my new assistant at this number,” Teigen said.

”1-800-FUCK- OFF,” her assistant laughed.

The extensions are gone and Teigen and her assistant are BFFs again, but man that ordeal looked harrowing. I freak out when the zipper gets stuck on my jacket, and that’s not attached to my head. If this is what it takes to be a glamorous cool mom, maybe it’s not so bad being a regular mom after all.

But do you think Chrissy Teigen would trade me a Lanvin jumpsuit for my patterned mom leggings? They have unicorns on them.

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