Chrissy Teigen Broke Twitter With Random and Hilarious Banana Bread Contest

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Sometimes, a girl just needs some banana bread. Chrissy Teigen was jonesing for some in the worst way yesterday. The problem was, she didn’t have any brown bananas. If you’ve ever made banana bread, you know that you need very ripe bananas for the batter. Yellow bananas just won’t do! So what’s a girl to do when you NEED banana bread, but don’t have brown bananas? Well, if you’re Chrissy, you send out a call on Twitter and get enough people trying to unload their rotten bananas to make bread for 3000 people.

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You get some banana bread! And you get some banana bread! EVERYBODY GETS BANANA BREAD!

It all started when Chrissy found herself without the requisite number of overripe bananas. Don’t you hate when you’re about to make magic in the kitchen and you don’t have one of the key ingredients?

And by assistant, she means mom.

Please don’t waste Chrissy Teigen’s time with still-ripe bananas.

As you can imagine, the replies and offers came quickly and in abundance. It’s like “What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?” but for men’s underwear and makeup.

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