Want a Chip and Joanna Gaines House Without Having to Renovate? This ‘Fixer Upper’ Home Is for Sale Right Now

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HGTV’s Fixxer Upper is a riveting show thanks to Cip and Joanna Gains, even for those of us who never want to have to live in Waco, Texas, or deal with a long-term home renovation project. The Gaines’ take the ugliest houses you’ve ever seen and renovate them into perfectly charming places, and now one of those is hitting the market in its already charming state, because a house from season 4 of Fixer Upper is currently up for sale in Waco.

Own a fixer upper, no fixing up required

According to Today, the three-bedroom, two-bathroom 1950s ranch house was purchased for $135,000 by Matt and Melissa Yeilding in the show’s fourth season, which aired last year. They spent $60,000 on renovations for a total rice of $195,000, and it sure looks like they got their money’s worth, because now the house is on the market for $290,000.

The house started off pretty dark and closed-off, but the Gaineses renovated it into a bright, airy, open-concept space with wood beams in the ceilings, French doors, and a totally sick kitchen.

fixer upper ranch living room

(Image:Magnolia Realty)

Fixxer Upper Kitchen

(Image:Magnolia Realty)

In the last episode of Fixer Upper I saw, Chip Gaines literally ate a cockroach to impress a barista. But Joanna Gaines can design one hell of a kitchen.

These things make great rentals

The house was originally asking $310,000, and that’s not even the best return a client has seen on this show, though. A 1,000-square-foot tiny house renovated by Chip and Joanna Gaines went on the market in June asking $950,000. The house originally cost $28,000 and the median home price in Waco is $200,000, but once that one-bedroom “shotgun” house was renovated, the new owners decided that instead of living in their dream home, they’d put it up as a vacation rental for $325 a night. That one still hasn’t sold, but apparently Fixer Upper tourism is a thing that exists now. (The tiny house is right by Baylor University, so it’s convenient for visiting parents and football fans, too.)

People come to Waco to see the Gaines’ houses, and the owners of this relatively reasonably priced $290k ranch house say fans are constantly driving by and waving at them. It’s sort of like living in a celebrity.

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(Image:Magnolia Realty)