Newborn Saved From Sewer Pipe After Mom Allegedly Gives Birth Over Toilet And I Blame The One-Child Policy

baby found in sewer optimizedJust when I thought I had become hardened to the horrors of the world, due to equal parts internet addiction and the 24-hour news cycle, I hear something like this that chills me to the bone. On the scale of human atrocities not much can compare to trying to murder an infant, especially when that baby is your own.

Saturday in Jinhua city, in the Zhejiang province, firefighters pulled a five-pound newborn baby boy from sewer pipe. The infant, dubbed “Baby No. 59” is thought to be just a few days old and allegedly fell into the toilet after his mom unexpectedly gave birth there, according to a local police officer. The woman was apparently on the scene the entire time as firefighters and doctors fought to save her son. She fully admitted to being the mother. Still, I am not convinced; and I’m not the only one.

This story has gone viral on China’s Twitter-like social media site Weibo, with users almost universally condemning this mother. Understandably, in my opinion. It’s hard to believe that this woman somehow gave birth on the toilet and then the baby got lodged in on its own. You can’t tell from the video whether or not the toilet flushes (squatter-types often don’t) but it’s hard to imagine how the child got so stuck if it didn’t. I think the truth of the matter is more sinister than that.

China is known for having strict family planning laws, including the one-child policy, which have been in place for over 30 years. There are a few exceptions but generally couples will face fines and other punishment if they break these rules, which often leads to acts of desperation by parents who find themselves pregnant. This is especially true for unmarried women.

Thankfully this story has a (somewhat) happy ending. Little Baby No. 59 only suffered a few bruises, though he initially went in with a labored heart rate and breathing issues. According to doctors at the Pujiang People’s Hospital, he is in stable condition with a bright prognosis. His medical bills will be covered by the hospital and the community has rallied around him, showering him with monetary donations, baby formula, clothing and other necessities.

The fact that he is safe and sound is all well and good but until the underlying issues that cause tragedies like this one are dealt with it will continue to happen. So this is a bittersweet victory at best.

DISCLAIMER: The video below may be difficult to watch so please view with discretion. 

(Photo: YouTube)

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