Money-Grubbing Chinese Schools Were Feeding Kids Drugs Without Parents Knowing

China starts Drug testing School Children Millions of Chinese children are going to be drug tested because it’s been discovered that teachers have been feeding the students antiviral drugs in hopes to stave off sickness. I can’t even imagine what parents are going through, but it’s been reported some of those  that those who gathered in groups to voice their displeasure with this whole nightmare have been thrown in jail by the police for three days because they caused a disturbance. The heads of the kindergartens have been arrested, and all the staff has been replaced. They have started drug testing the kids, and at least 65 of over 390 children had ”abnormal results.”

The kids started complaining about head and stomachaches. From The Telegraph:

Parents only discovered what was going on at the Feng Yun kindergarten in Xi’an when a child told his mother at the beginning of March that he would ”never get sick again” because he had been ”taking medicine”. When pressed, the boy said his teachers had given him a ”bitter tablet that took a long time to swallow”.


So over the past two weeks, three primary schools in two provinces were found to be secretly feeding their students a prescription drug called moroxydine hydrochloride, which is an antiviral drug that is said to protect against the flu. The reason the kindergartens did this is because they are paid only for the days that pupils attend and wanted to make sure they didn’t miss out on any income.

I’m going to be following this story and updating as needed because I can’t even imagine what these poor parents are going through. To trust a school to educate your child only to discover they have been given drugs without your permission, drugs that may make them sick? The amount of corruption here is unbelievable. The government has promised a thorough investigation of every school in China. Here’s hoping that all of the kids are okay. Unbelievable.

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