Someone Quick Taste Your Breast Milk And Tell Me If It Is Worth Thousands Of Dollars

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pinterest I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again now, I love breast feeding and I think it’s awesome. If you don’t think so or don’t wanna do it I also think that’s awesome, so come sit by me and let’s try and figure out why people in China are paying thousands of dollars for breastmilk every month. Not only for their newborn babies, but for adult people who also want the health and nutrition benefits that breast milk provides. This new trend, according to the Daily Mail (Yeah yeah, so take from that what ya will, with a hefty grain of salt added) claims the super rich in China are paying thousands of dollars a month for breast milk, with some adults choosing to be wet-nursed.

The bizarre new trend has seen a rise in adults buying breast milk and drinking it either straight from the wet nurse or after it was expressed.

Newspaper reports on the service have provoked outrage in China with tens of thousands of people posting on Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, domestic staff agencies are offering wet nurses for newborns, sick people or anyone who will pay up to 16,000 yuan (£2,600) a month.

Customers say they want the concentrated nutrition breast milk provides.

It has a unique combination of antibodies, living cells, enzymes, hormones and fatty acids that has led some people to treat it as the latest superfood.

‘Adult (clients) can drink it directly through breastfeeding, or they can always drink it from a breast pump if they feel embarrassed’, Lin Jun, owner of company Xinxinyu that offers the service, was quoted as saying by AFP.

I’m all sad that I never tasted my breast milk and now I am not nursing so I have no idea if it is worth thousands of dollars a month. It just never occurred to me to do this. I’m not a huge fan of milk anyway, like in cereal or coffee I am down with it but I am not one of those people who enjoy a tall glass of milk, so I never considered even tasting mine. That was probably dumb of me considering I was feeding my babies it so I probably should have seen what they were going all gaga over. One of you has done this. You need to admit it so I can know what it tastes like!  I have read that it is slightly sweeter and thicker than like, moo cow milk but I’m so not sure if it is the fabulous taste treat the Fail claims people in China think it is.

I have weird hang ups about this because I think it is totally awesome between a mom and baby and if I get my brain into some freaky deaky place I can also sort of understand why couples engage in this kind of thing during sex (But it’s not my own personal jam, but no judgements here!) but the idea of breastfeeding or supplying milk to other adults is very weird to me. Not babies, I think lactation sharing is fine and I think there is something very sweet about moms helping babies out, but when it comes to adults it makes me all kinds of squeamish. It’s very personal. And not even due to the fact most people associate breasts with sexy sex, but it just seems too personal to me, like if I saw a stranger on the street and took their gum out of their mouth and started chewing it. I would TOTALLY do this to my kid but not to someone I don’t know.

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