10 Finicky Fashion Rules Of A Pre-Schooler

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child fashionIt’s only a few months into the school year, but I’ve learned something incredibly important about my daughter. I’m going to be arguing with her about clothing for the rest of my life. And I’m probably always going to lose.

There was a naive and innocent time when I thought that I could control her wardrobe. Then, I started to feel like at least I could predict the patterns, or buy items that met her generally criteria that I still found adorable. For a while, it was all dresses, all the time. That was a little difficult during the winter, but at least I knew what to expect.

This year, however, my daughter isn’t in the small little twice-a-week pre-school. She’s in week-long pre-kindergarten. She has a bigger class, a bigger school. And apparently, she has even more fashion rules to throw my way. I finally had to give up and take her shopping with me for school clothes, not just because she’s so tall and thin that it’s hard to know what will fit. I also wanted to be able to say, “You picked it out,” when she told me that she wasn’t going to wear something ever again.

Even after a shopping trip that involved my four-year-old hand-selecting every piece of her new wardrobe, we’re still running into difficulty. Here are the latest fashion rules from my little stylist. At this point, I’m just standing back and letting my little one call all of the shots.