Children Shielded From Michael Jackson Trial

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Michael Jackson‘s personal physician Conrad Murray has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter almost two and a half years after Jackson’s untimely death at age 50. The singer’s parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson, and three of nine siblings – La Toya, Jermaine and Randy – were in the courtroom for the verdict.

But Jackson’s three children were notably absent – an attempt by Katherine to shield her grandchildren from the disturbing details of Jackson’s final days that included being pumped full of propofol, a surgical anesthetic that put put him to sleep and ultimately led to his death.

“You can’t shield those children from the biggest news story that there is,” Joe Jackson’s attorney Brian Oxman told CNN.

Jackson’s older children – Prince, 14, and Paris, 13 – had reportedly told their grandmother Katherine that they wanted to testify in Murray’s trial but the Los Angeles District Attorney decided not to call any of his three children (the youngest is 9-year-old Blanket). But the children are welcome to submit a letter for one of the family members to read at Murray’s November 29 sentencing, reports

Media reports reveal the court heard testimony describing how Jackson’s three children had been at the L.A. mansion on the day of their father’s death. According to, they watched their dad lying in bed while Murray tired to revive him. “Paris was on the ground, balled up, crying. Prince was standing there with a look of shock, and crying,” said security guard Alberto Alvarez. That’s when Murray shouted at Alvarez not to “let them see their dad like this.”

Blanket, then aged 7, told Murray, “You couldn’t save my dad. I know you tried your best. But I’m really sad. You know, I will wake up in the morning, and I won’t be able to see my daddy.”

With all the drama surrounding Jackson’s death, Blanket’s simple statement really sums it all up.

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