Having Kids Doesn’t Give You The Right To Be An Inconsiderate Jerk When You Dine Out

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children restaurantsIt Sucks, But You May Have To Cut Your Meal Short

There are some other basics. If your child starts screaming bloody murder, take him out of the restaurant. It’s not rocket science. The general public shouldn’t have their dinner ruined because your kid is in a bad mood. If it’s too cold outside, take him to the bathroom until he calms down. When you take a toddler out to dinner, always be prepared to leave early. Sometimes it’s a must. I saw a woman let her child scream for 20 minutes while she enjoyed her brunch and chatted with her friends. Who are these people?

Like I said, I really believe it’s important to take children to restaurants so they can learn how to behave while eating in public. But you always have to remember that things are different now. Until your child learns how to behave, you don’t get to enjoy long, leisurely meals at the expense of everyone else in the place. But it’s definitely something I’m aiming for.

Hopefully my kid and I will get there. If the French can do it, we should be able to master it, too.

(photo: Jaimie Duplass / Shutterstock)

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