Having Kids Doesn’t Give You The Right To Be An Inconsiderate Jerk When You Dine Out

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children restaurantsThe Restaurant Is An Exercise Track!

No, it’s not. Kids are antsy. Many times they don’t want to sit in place for the duration of the meal. Again – understandable. But it’s really not a great idea to start taking laps around a crowded restaurant. Yes, your child is adorable, but that couple having a romantic dinner maybe doesn’t want to say “hi” when he stops by their table. All parents (including myself) are guilty of my-child-is-the-cutest-being-on-the-planet syndrome. And he probably really is. But don’t get bent out of shape if the general public doesn’t want to acknowledge this on their down-time.

Also, restaurants are crowded and actually – dangerous. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve marveled at parents who let their kids toddle around with their shoes off. Do you have any idea how much glass is broken on an average night in a restaurant? You would be surprised. Not safe to let a kid walk around barefoot – ever. Also, waiters have their hands full of scalding hot stuff that could easily be dumped over your kid if he doesn’t see him coming. I’ve witnessed this on more than one occasion. It does not make parents happy – but it’s their fault.

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