Forget Writing A Letter, My Daughter Says That Santa Knows What’s In Her Heart

In our house, we have a very specific tradition for communicating with Santa. Every year we write letters to the big man at the North Pole. In that letter, we outline exactly five things that we would like for Christmas. Since my daughter is a toddler, I still write out her letter for her and then she decorates her card and signs her name. Once we have our letter all ready, we mail it to Santa my parents.

Then, since I know everything my daughter is expecting from Santa, I run out and purchase her presents that will be delivered on Christmas Eve. It’s a pretty good system for keeping the magic alive for my pre-schooler. I know exactly what she’s expecting from Santa and she feels confident that she’ll get exactly what she wants from Santa’s Toy Shop.

This seemed like a completely fool-proof set-up. My parents would write a letter back to my daughter from Jolly Ol’ St. Nick. When she got her mail showing that Santa had really received her letter, the entire process would be complete. One magical holiday filled with belief! As a parent, I feel awesome about this.

Until, of course, my daughter received said forgery from my parents. She ripped open that envelope and was determined to “read” the letter all by herself.

“What does it say, darlin?” I asked as she looked over her prized letter.

“It says that Santa is bringing me superheros and bad guys!” She said, so excited she could barely stand still.

So here’s my problem. Her letter to Santa said nothing about superheros and bad guys. That was not one of her five items. It wasn’t even mentioned. There was no superhero talk at all. There was Play-Doh and a baby doll and robotic dragon, but nothing about any action figures!

“Brenna, we didn’t ask Santa for any superheros or bad guys…” I reminded my daughter. “Why would Santa bring you those?”

“Because that’s what I really want Momma. And Santa’s magic. He knows what I really, really want. He knows what’s in my heart Mom.” She was completely convinced that Santa just knew what she was really thinking, no matter what was in her letter.

So here I am, a mom who thought that I had it all figured out and yet still might have the wrong gifts under the tree when the big day arrives. I’m still not sure if I”m going to sneak out to the store and buy some action figures to quickly wrap and throw in with her other gifts. Or maybe I should stick to my guns and know that the excitement of presents might wipe out any memory of Wolverine and The Flash. After all, my daughter will get plenty of superhero-themed gifts. Just none from Santa.

I don’t know what I’m going to do. But I have to admit that as much as I love hearing that my daughter believes in Santa’s magic, this whole “communicating with your heart” thing might make Christmas difficult to predict for years to come.

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