Moms Stage Elaborate Child Wedding Photo Shoot for Their Kids, and Twitter Thinks It’s Creepy AF

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A lot of people have a constant desire to pretend children are little grown-ups, especially when it comes to imagining romantic lives for them. A friendly toddler girl will be called, “such a flirt.” If a little girl and boy are playing in the sand and another child shows up to play too, chances are good some adult in the audience will act like the whole scene has turned into some dishy, Melrose Place love triangle. Girls and boys can barely be friends and hang out without a bunch of adults talking about how clearly it must be a budding romantic relationship. A lot of people just seem to think that’s really fun and cute. Now a set of Texas moms with friendly small children have taken that game to its absolute peak, and they staged a full, miniature wedding for a 3-year-old “bride” and a 5-year-old “groom.”

ABC News seems to think it’s adorable.

“Moms hold special mini-wedding shoot with their kids,” they gushed, calling the kids “newlyweds.”

The mini-wedding was staged by two Texas mothers who are photographers. Breana Pulizzi of Breana Marie Photography and Bria Nicole Terry of Wolf & Rose Photography really went all-out on the “wedding.” They had a wedding dress and tuxedo for the kids. They got an altar and flowers and a cake.

Pulizzi says the kids had a great time playing pretend. But it sounds like the mothers’ idea, and they planned and arranged the whole thing.

“We told them they were getting married and found a little baby-sized ring box. I told her she got to dress like a princess for her wedding,” Pulizzi said. “I braided her hair and then they saw each other and they said, ‘We’re getting married today!’ They did pretty much everything themselves, then they’d look at each other and they would giggle.”

The kids got into it once they were unleashed on their “wedding” venue.

“They would run from one set to another set holding hands the whole time,” she said. “They even kissed once or twice and it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

The little boy even came up with the idea of getting down on one knee and proposing by himself, the moms say.

“I would die of happiness if they got married in the future,” Pulizzi said with a laugh.

A lot of people thought the pretend child wedding was creepy.

They’re adorable kids and their mothers are both very good photographers. This photo shoot is very well styled and executed. But staging a wedding for a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old is striking a lot of people as being weird and a little creepy.

But a lot of people also love it.

Apparently fake toddler weddings are a polarizing issue, because while the responses on Twitter come from people who think this the moms have taken this way too far. But Polizzi posted the photos to her photography Facebook page, and those responses appear to be overwhelmingly positive.

"Good Times are Never Ending when we are Playing and Pretending" So as a kid one of my favorite things was to play…

Posted by Breana Marie Photography on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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