Kansas Man Gets Tapped For Child Support After Giving Freebie Sperm To Lesbian Couple

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shutterstock_967098132013 is not looking to be a positive year for 46-year-old William Marotta, a man who decided to donate his sperm after spending a little time on Craigslist. But it’s not necessarily the lesbian couple to whom he donated who wants his child support money — it’s the state of Kansas.

Reuters reports that Marotta, a race care mechanic, happened upon an ad asking for sperm donations. Despite the $50 promised fee, Marotta ultimately offered up his spermlings for free. Thanks to his donation, couple Jennifer Schreiner and Angela Bauer now have a 3-year-old daughter. But the state of Kansas thinks he’s much more than a sperm donor.

Although Marotta did have a written agreement with the mommies that he would not in anyway be considered the father of any hypothetical children — or liable for child support — the state of Kansas has filed a petition asserting otherwise.

The trouble began when the toddler’s mothers experienced some financial strain and filed for state assistance. Kansas in turn pressured Schreiner to provide Marotta’s information and the state has turned to him to pony up some child support — including $6,000 worth of medical expenses dating back to the baby’s birth.

Marotta will be asking the court to dismiss that claim, citing a state law that requires donated sperm to pass through a licensed physician in order for any financial obligations to be possible — which he obviously didn’t do. Obviously, Marotta, a foster father himself to a young daughter, is not pleased:

“This was totally unexpected,” Marotta said in a phone interview. “The very first thing that went through my mind was that no good deed goes unpunished.”

But Reuters reports that Marotta’s circumstances have attracted “national attention,” meaning that sperm donation is getting a load of bad PR:

Shannon Minter, legal director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, said Wednesday “it is unfortunate and unfair” that Kansas is seeking money from a sperm donor.

“It certainly might have a negative effect on other men’s willingness to help couples who need a donor, which would be harmful to everyone,” Minter said.

“I also think it undermines everyone’s respect for the law when you see it operate so arbitrarily.”

Marotta has had “virtually no contact” with the daughter of Schreiner and Bauer, although he and Schreiner remain “cordial.” No doubt that may change depending on the court’s ruling.

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