Child Rapist Mom Gets Off Easy Because The World Still Thinks Women Can’t Molest Boys

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Nicole mcMillan child rapist


A 44-year-old California mother was sentenced yesterday after being tried for molesting two of her teenage son’s friends. Even though the mother, Nicole McMillen had a “relationship” with one of the boys for over a year and was a school employee, she was given a paltry three years. Why? I can only speculate, but I’m guessing the old bullshit Mrs. Robinson-effect was in play here. Apparently when a man molests a 15-year-old girl, it’s disgusting, but when a woman does it to a 15-year-old boy, it’s better. Fuck that.

The average sentence for a child molester in California is already ridiculously low at seven years, which is on par with non-violent drug sentences. This is bullshit. You shouldn’t get the same sentence for selling a dime bag that you do for having sex with a kid. Period.

According to KTLA, McMillen worked as a behavioral specialist for Tustin Schools, which makes this even worse in my eyes. She was a school employee, which means she had access to hundreds of other kids. According to the prosecution, McMillen was also known for being the “fun” mom, who lets kids watch TV, play video games and hangout, which sounds a hell of a lot like grooming to me. This woman knew these boys since they were 10-years-old. This alone proves to me that this is pedophilia, and not some romanticized Mrs. Robinson older woman bullshit.

Also according to KTLA, the investigation revealed that between January and February of 2012 McMillen sexually assaulted a 14-year-old boy who was hanging out at her house, reportedly touching his crotch and performing oral sex on him. When THAT boy’s parents discovered what happened and reported it, ANOTHER boy, this time 16-year-old, came out of the wood works claiming the same thing. According to prosecutors, McMillen carried on a year-long “relationship” with the older boy back in 2005-2006.

Now, I can’t find any solid statistics, but I would venture to say that male child molesters probably get stricter sentences, on average. Even if this isn’t the case, I think it’s telling that the language used to discuss these cases changes when the victim is male and the perpetrator is female. Make no mistake. This is sexual assault. This is coercion. This is RAPE.

What kills me is that the judge, James Rogan, seems to think he gave a pretty strict sentence. When McMillen’s attorney, Salvatore Ciulla, asked for probation (yeah, they actually had the balls to ask for probation), Rogan rejected it, citing her lack of remorse. Yes, because three fucking years is so much worse. Eyeroll.

I can’t believe I have to say this, but child molestation is wrong regardless of who is doing it and regardless of the sex of the victim. Period. Can I just go to sleep and wake up when the world finally freaking accepts this?

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