Colorado Lawmakers Propose Making Pot Child Proof

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child proof potI don’t know about you but I sometimes have a hard time opening prescription bottles with child-proof caps or getting something out of a cabinet with a baby lock on it. It makes me wonder how difficult its going to be for pot smokers in Colorado to open their legally bought marijuana with the new guidelines being proposed to have all marijuana products in child-proof packaging.

Under proposals endorsed Monday by the state’s Amendment 64 Implementation Task Force, marijuana products would have to be sold in child-proof packaging and not contain any logos or ingredients designed solely to appeal to children.

Since it will not only be legal to sell marijuana but also candy, brownies etc. laced with pot, it is important that kids aren’t drawn to a moon cake with a picture or Spongebob Squarepants on it. The proposal also includes plans to state the potency levels of all products as well as rules for soon to be widespread “pot shops.”

Recreational-pot shops could sell only marijuana and marijuana-related items such as pipes. They could not advertise anywhere that kids would likely see their ads, such as television, radio, billboards or general-distribution newspapers.

The task force has to present its proposal to lawmakers who will put it into a bill that will be presented to the legislature by the beginning of May. Which means there may still be a chance we can see pot being sold in containers featuring Cannabis Carl the laid back Lizard with a hankering for Fritos.

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