4-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Stars In British Advertising Campaign & We Feel Warm And Fuzzy Inside

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child model with down syndromeIt’s a child model trend that we can actually get behind! Seb White is an adorable 4-year-old boy with Down Syndrome and he’s making his mark on the advertising industry with this prominent feature in the UK’s Marks & Spencers holiday promotional campaign.

Following in the footsteps of little Ryan Langston, who popped up in Target ads at the beginning of the year, and Valentina Guerroro, who became the face of Dolores Cortes baby swimwear, Seb represents growing diversity in the child model ranks. You can see him in the bottom right-hand corner of this ad, impressively rocking a bow tie for his young age.

These advertisements might seem like mere bids for positive publicity, but they’re so much more than that. They’re more important than that. They’re important to all the little children who want to see kids like them represented in the marketing that children consume everyday. Little boys like Seb White, featured alongside other smiling children, reduce the stigma that many children with special needs face everyday.

We’re thrilled to see Seb’s sweet little face shining at us from this ad. We hope we see more of him in advertisements throughout the next year. And we hope other little kids get inspired when they see this adorable little boy in catalogs and commercials.

(Photo: Marks & Spencers)