‘Child-Free’ Zones On Planes Are An Awesome Idea

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shutterstock_148942964__1377286514_142.196.156.251Another airline announced this week that it has created “child-free” zones on their planes. Why can’t every, single airline jump on this bandwagon and make life easier for all of us?

From  ABC News:

Singaporean budget carrier Scoot has become the latest to ban babies and youngsters from a section of the aircraft.

For a $14 upgrade, Scoot passengers can sit within the “ScootinSilence” area, a 41-seat cabin prohibiting anyone under the age of 12 under. The child-free zone advertises itself under the auspice of ensured peace and quiet. It also offers additional legroom via Super or S-T-R-E-T-C-H seats, “offering 35” pitch – “4 more inches than the standard economy seat,” according to the carrier’s website.

No one likes to be on a plane with a crying infant or an unmanageable toddler. But there are some people who hate it so much that they can’t help but be unbelievable assholes about it. I think that it is great that these people can now pay for the $14 upgrade and just STFU, already.

Most people are reasonable and recognize when a parent is clearly trying their best to restrain and quiet their toddler or pacify and soothe their infant. Others seem to think there is some kind of “off” switch parents can push and are just refusing to do it – because clearly parents live to make childless travelers miserable. Ugh. I hate those people. The child-free arrangement makes it easier for everyone.

Yes, it kind of sucks that people have to pay extra for this – but oh well. They are getting extra legroom too. No one needs more legroom than a mother negotiating a diaper bag full of snacks and distractions to pacify a toddler strapped into an airplane seat – but whatever. You can have the extra legroom if it means you won’t be giving me the stink-eye for daring to not remain grounded because I decided to have a child.

(photo: gui jun peng/ Shutterstock)