There’s A 17-Year-Old Rapper Named Chief Keef And He’s Already Being Sued For Child Support

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Chief KeefI can completely admit that I am not the coolest mom on the planet. I have absolutely no idea who Chief Keef is. Apparently, he is a rapper and he’s worked with the likes of Kanye West and Young Jeezy. (I actually know who those people are!) That being said, I find the fact that this young man is 17-years-old and already being sued for child support to be depressing. Even worse, the mother of his daughter is apparently still in middle school.

TMZ reports that a young girl, whose age and name have not been released, is suing Chief Keef for child support payments, including health insurance and medical expenses. While it would be surprising enough to see a young man who isn’t even a legal adult being sued for support, the fact that the mother of his child is still in middle school adds another layer of concern to the case. Even if she’s in eighth grade now, this means that the child was conceived when the girl was in seventh grade, or approximately  13-years-old.

Bear in mind, Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, would have been about 15 years old during his relationships with this young woman. Though still, according to Illinois law, the older person involved in a consensual sexual relationship under the age of 17 is technically guilty of a misdemeanor. Even though he was a minor at the time, because he was the older one of the two, the rapper could face jail time. It is unlikely that charges will be brought however, unless the parents of the young lady press for them.

All of this legal drama simply underlines the sad fact that we’re talking about a middle-school mother, a girl who can’t even drive yet, but who is responsible for another human being. We’re talking about a 17-year-old young man with a star-studded and successful life ahead of him who already has a child to worry about, to try to support.

The scariest part about this case is how often it happens and none of us hear about it. If this boy didn’t happen to catch a lucky break in the music industry, he would be a 17-year-old high school student who already had to worry about supporting a daughter. This middle school girl probably wouldn’t get much aid from him, she would raising the child with the possible help of her family and the aid of the federal government.

This is truly a story of babies having babies, a middle school girl and a boy without a high school diploma bringing another life into the world. Chief Keef’s success might make it easier for these two than most teenage parents. But still, there’s a middle school girl in Chicago who is already going to court, suing for child support.

That fact is both mind-blowing and distressing.

(Photo: Chief Keef)