Parents Are Hosting ‘Chicken Pox Parties’ To Get Their Kids Sick Instead Of Vaccinated

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We all remember what it was like getting chicken pox when we were younger, right? Sure, it’s not a serious illness (in most cases). But man, it was miserable. The fever, the scabs, THE ITCHING! It’s not fun, and thankfully, we have a vaccine now that saves our own kids from having to deal with it. Anytime we can protect our kids from getting sick, we should do it. That should go without saying, but it’s 2018, and the vaccine debate rages on. Not only are parents not vaccinating their kids against stuff like chicken pox, they’re now actively exposing them to the disease at actual chicken pox parties.

Despite decades and decades of evidence that show vaccines are both very safe and very effective, some parents are still refusing to vaccinate their kids. There are several problems with this, obviously. We’re seeing outbreaks of dangerous diseases that are preventable with vaccines. Herd immunity suffers, and our most vulnerable citizens are put at risk. It’s infuriating! And these “parties” may be a step too far.

Private Facebook groups are advertising and organizing chicken pox parties. And there are literally thousands of interested parents.

NBC 9 out of Denver was tipped off by an anonymous source who sent screenshots of some of the party prep and advice shared in some of these groups. Let’s reiterate: parents are sharing advice on how to INFECT THEIR KIDS WITH CHICKEN POX. Why are people?! The thinking is that by exposing their kids when they’re young, the complications won’t be as bad, and then the child will have immunity for life. You know, sort of like the immunity one gets from an actual vaccine. But sure, let’s give them a disease with very real potential side effects and complications. Seems wise!

Some of the screenshots from these chicken pox party groups are insane.

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“How to greatly improve your kids chances of getting chicken pox!” WHAT. IN. THE. WORLD. Let’s unpack this, because it’s a lot. People are actually advocating letting their healthy kid spend time in very close quarters with a sick kid. Or, even better: have the sick kid breathe into a baggie, then pass it to the healthy kid so they can huff up some of that sweet, sweet varicella virus. All of this to avoid a single, safe vaccine.

The CDC is probably like, what is wrong with you people? Just FYI, the complications from chicken pox are FAR more serious and common than any complication or side effect from the vaccine.

According to the CDC website, infants, adolescents, pregnant women, and people with compromised immune systems are particularly at risk for developing complications should they be exposed to chicken pox before being vaccinated. Serious complications include pneumonia, bacterial infections of the skin, encephalitis, and sepsis. But sure, let’s risk all those to avoid having a sore arm and low grade fever for a day or two.

Parents, please don’t take your kids to chicken pox parties. Get them vaccinated, and protect them from easily preventable diseases. Parties should have games and snacks, not highly contagious and potentially serious viruses.