Erect A New Place In Hell For The Person Who Fatally Shot A Baby Mid-Diaper Change

chicago baby shotThe tragedies of gun violence in Chicago continue their downward spiral to depressing new lows. After the national outcry at Hadiya Pendleton‘s and Janay McFarlane‘s murders, this latest horror should add fuel to the fire under legislators to make meaningful strides in tackling gun violence. The newest victim is a 6-month-old little girl, Jonylah Watkins, who was shot along with her father while he was changing her diaper.

Jonathon Watkins was driving his little girl on the streets of Chicago. He pulled his van over to the side of the road to change his daughter’s diaper. And as he was bent over his infant, a man ran up behind the van and fired into it, killing Jonylah and leaving her father in serious condition.

This wasn’t even the infant’s first brush with gun violence. Her 20-year-old mother had been shot in the leg while eight months pregnant.

Police released a statement today addressing the ever-growing concern about the city’s violence problems. They said that Jonylah’s father was likely the intended target of the shooting and that it showed strong signs of being gang-related. Hopefully these details help the authorities in Chicago catch the monster who murdered this innocent child.

Deaths like Jonylah’s leave everyone who hears about them with this awful sense of hopelessness. I like to think of myself as a proactive person, but I cannot help but get lost in the face of such tragedy. What can you do to fight someone who is willing to shoot at a baby? At that level of evil, is there really any cure?

We’ve talked a lot at Mommyish lately about the types of issues that stir us into action. I have to admit that in this instance, I have a hard time finding words to say as well. It is difficult to do much more than despair at such a tragic loss.

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