Chelsea Handler’s Parents Wanted Her To Get That Abortion

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Chelsea HandlerProfessional funny lady Chelsea Handler has always spoken pretty candidly about the abortion she had at 16 years old. But in a sit-down conversation with Rosie O’Donnell, Chelsea shares that she was actually considering carrying the child to term and becoming a teen mother. And in a narrative that we often don’t hear, it was actually Chelsea’s parents who urged her to have an abortion.

In her own personal circumstances and with the retrospection of adulthood, Chelsea describes herself as “delusional” for wanting to keep the baby. Although she doesn’t recall all the details of the conversation, she did say on The Rosie Show that her parents imparted the following:

“You’re throwing your entire life away. You’re supposed to create a life for yourself. We want you to enjoy your life and not be raising a child, and we’re certainly not going to raise it for you.”

What’s also fascinating about this news is that Chelsea’s mother was reportedly Mormon. Chelsea and her five siblings were also reportedly raised in a Jewish household, but the religious tinge makes this particular stroke of parenting a bit more complex.

Nevertheless, it stands that abortion is not always a choice for women and girls to make, but also an important one for parents to grapple with as they raise sons and daughters. Although abortion is a personal and divisive issue for many families, Chelsea’s parents presented the option to their daughter as an act of parenting. And that scenario is one that often seems to be forgotten in the discourse of abortion.

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