Chelsea Clinton Has A Baby Girl So Get Ready For Election Year 2050

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In news that makes me more excited than it should, Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky welcomed daughter Charlotte Clinton-Mezvinsky into the world. This takes me back to elementary school when Chelsea Clinton was the coolest thing since sliced bread and I thought it was so amazing that a kid like me got to live in the White House. I also think it’s incredibly awesome to see Hillary and Bill become grandparents. Now that Chelsea Clinton has a baby girl, I cannot wait to see what this child does with her life with the influence and privilege of her powerful family.

According to The New York Times, the proud grandparents both Tweeted the information to their followers and have both discussed the prospect of being grandparents in the news recently. I am very excited to see what this new role means for Hillary in particular. Her image is largely that of a woman in charge who makes tough decisions and few apologies. I have long admired her and this is another side of her that I will be eager to see.

With the 2016 election year looming and Hillary widely considered to be the Democratic party’s front-runner, I cannot help but imagine an election year where little Charlotte would follow in her family’s political footsteps. Of course, Chelsea has not yet run for office but she has become a sought-after public speaker commanding as much as $75,000 for an appearance. Obviously, growing up with her parents got her into the spotlight but now, she has crafted her own image as a classy and intelligent young woman that the world has watched grow up. I love the idea of Hillary and Chelsea mentoring this little one to become another kick-ass Clinton woman. I am an unabashed life-long fan of Hillary Clinton and I hope her new title of “grandmother” earns her even more public sympathy and support. Although Hillary has yet to confirm her status as presidential candidate, I feel it will be soon. I cannot wait for the big reveal of Charlotte in a “Hillary in 2016” onesie!

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