Cheerleader Kicked Off Squad For Kissing Football Player, Because Apparently It’s 1950

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cheerleading-pompomsA cheerleader was kicked off her squad for making out with a football player, and her mom is pissed. Apparently making out is against the rules of cheerleading. Is it 1950? The football player in question is totally still on the team, though. Seriously? Two kids, the same offense, two sports teams — and the girl gets kicked off but it’s totally fine for the boy to keep playing? That’s a great, sexist message to send young girls.

A mom who refuses to share her daughters name is angry about the double standard, as she should be. From CBS Local:

“The football player is allowed to play football and my daughter got kicked off the varsity cheer squad and I think that’s totally unfair,” says the mom, whose daughter now attends an alternative school.

Crowley ISD wouldn’t tell CBS 11 what the football players punishment was, but spokesperson Anthony Kirchner with Crowley ISD says both students received equal punishment.

Clearly they didn’t receive “equal” punishment if the boy was allowed to stay on his team and the girl was not. The school’s cheerleading handbook says nothing about not making out, but it does have some archaic reference to being “lady-like” or “gentlemanly-like” at all times and maintaining “high moral and ethical standards.” The only specific behaviors that were mentioned as no-no’s were eye-rolling, back-talk, and poor attendance or academic performance.

Being dropped from a cheerleading squad for kissing a boy is ridiculous — more so because they boy himself didn’t get the same punishment. It’s not okay to send these mixed messages to young girls: that their sexuality is taboo or punishable and a boy’s is not. Shaming young women for behavior and then sending the message that it’s A-ok for boys damaging. The school district released a statement that says, “The parents account to CBS 11 of this incident is not true and leaves out important details, but CISD legally cannot go into further detail regarding the specifics of this incident without her permission.”  To be fair, the district seems to be trying to respond to mom’s accusations — and mom has since dropped her grievance because she became so frustrated with the whole process.

The mom says she doesn’t trust the district and the truth is on the field every Friday night.

“I just got so disgusted because the football player was playing football and going on with his life,” says the mom.