Check Out What Happens When You Ask A 2-Year-Old To Put Dishes In The Dishwasher

I love this picture. It comes from some dude on the internet going by the handle “confuzzledfather.” He explains, “I asked my 2 year old to put his dish in the dishwasher….this is what i found. I can’t fault him.”

He swears it’s not photoshopped and explains that it’s his wife’s shepherd’s pie on the plate. One of the commenters notes “After several hundred of this sort of thing we slowly realised our son had Aspergers.” And taking things way too literally would be a symptom of that, I guess, but it’s also true that this is just the way a 2-year-old thinks. If I ever ask my daughter to put something down, she does it right then and there. Throws it on the floor. Even if it’s a cup of water or something.

I’ve learned to spell out everything. If I want her to put something away, I explain to her exactly how to do it. “Now put the glass of water on the table, careful so as not to spill it.” I repeatedly explain that if she throws out the food on her plate, the plate itself should not go in the trash. Neither should our expensive silverware, etc., etc.

My brother was notorious for his trouble taking things too literally. I will never forget the exasperation my mother expressed when she told my hovering brother that a watched pot never boils. He methodically explained to her how this was not possible.

Over at Reddit, where this fun picture was originally posted, a father showed what happened when he asked his son to help unload the dishwasher.

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