Check Out This Touching Flash Mob By NYC Parents


So there’s this International prep school in lower Manhattan called Claremont. And the parents gave the kids they were picking up a little surprise last month. A couple hundred kids in the lower school were getting ready to head out of school when the lights dimmed and their 2nd grade teacher Kristie Burnett began playing the mandolin and walking across the floor. As Florence and the Machine’s “The Dog Days Are Over,” was piped in, dozens of parents began congregating and dancing and clapping in the same way. The kids flipped out and you can see a little girl shouting “That’s my mom! That’s my mom!”

And I have no idea why I’m such a sucker for these things, but I got all weepy as I watched the parents doing something fun for their kids and the kids delighting in it. Mom Kerry Ann King and headmaster Rob Cousins planned it all out and the parents did a whopping 12 rehearsals in three weeks (so impressive, no?)

Downtown Magazine NYC

”As I recall, Rob and I were talking about how beautiful the space was and how great it would be to dance in,” exclaimed Ms. King, a dancer, choreographer and fitness instructor in the NY metro area. ”Over spring break, I received an email from Mr. Cousins with the subject line ”˜Random Idea’ that said, ”˜Wouldn’t it be great to have a flash mob at pick up.’ We were originally talking about ”Bohemian Rhapsody,” but when [Rob] suggested ”Dog Days,” I was convinced that it was the right song. It is a great song with a great build up to the climax. It is current and a little off-center. I thought that something a little alternative said more about Claremont. We are a downtown school; fun and creative and slightly adventurous.

Good work, guys. It turned out great.

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