Check Out David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ As Children’s Storybook

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Ground control to major Tom

Ground control to major Tom
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on…

Admit it: you get all into this song every time comes on the radio (it’s by David Bowie and it’s called “Space Oddity,” though if you’re cool like me you simply call it “Ground Control”).

Illustrator Andrew Kolb has transformed Bowie’s greatest hit into a gorgeous picture book. Kolb explains the inspiration on his website: “Have you ever listened to a song and your mind’s eye is immediately filled with visuals (ed note: yes!). David Bowe’s classic space epic is one such song for me. Every lyric paints such a vivid picture that I figured, ‘Oh, hey, I guess I’ll make that into a children’s book!’ Yes, I talk like this.”

There’s no physical version of the book quite yet, but if enough people spread the word it just might happen (for now, you can download the book here). Let’s make it happen, people! The illustrations are beautiful, and this would make an ideal gift for all those groovy moms and dads out there (especially once they tire of Go The [email protected]#k To Sleep and Goodnight Keith Moon).

Granted, I would never read this book to my own kids – um, hello, the circuits die and there’s something wrong – but, still, I’d buy it for the pretty pictures and nostalgic factor alone. Wouldn’t you?