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Cheatsgiving: Feed The Kids Nuggets And Enjoy An Adult Meal In Peace

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chickenOver the past few years, we have developed an annual Thanksgiving tradition along with my brother and his family. They come to our house, kids in tow, and we enjoy a glorious mayhem (four children between three and six, in total!) for the better part of a week.

Since we are within range of DC, we start out Thanksgiving Day with a trip to one of the Smithsonian’s fine museums and zoos. Let’s face it: we’re up at six a.m., even though it is a holiday, and the kids are about as ready to sit through hours on end of the Macy’s parade and football as we would be to sit through a marathon of Yo Gabba Gabba. Getting out of the house is key to sanity maintenance.

When we return from the day trip, we spend a bit of time trying to cajole the kids to nap (ha! fat chance!) and then turn to preparing dinner. However, we have taken the kids’ table one step further… they get a whole entire kids’ meal, eschewing turkey in favor of chicken nuggets. Yes, we do set the table nicely, and we also talk about what we are thankful for (you guessed it: chicken nuggets). They love this kids’ meal! And we love it, too, because it leaves us with tired kids and…

A GROWN-UPS’ MEAL! After bedtime! We eat and laugh and don’t pop out of our seats to get more ketchup for anyone. Heaven.

To cap off this excellent day, my sister-in-law and I retire to the upstairs, bottle of wine in hand, to watch trashy tv while the guys clean up the kitchen.

And for this entire awesome annual extravaganza, I am truly thankful.

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