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Cheatsgiving: Skip Thanksgiving And Go For Pizza And Bowling Instead

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Our family decided a year ago that Thanksgiving wasn’t for us. The food, the day off, those things we were totally in for. But, the driving at least an hour in any direction to be with the family “we love”. Listening to the family festivities you missed out on gripe non stop about you not being there.  Add in the fighting of whether we’ll go to my dad’s family, my mom’s family or my husbands family. Traveling with three kids. We’re OUT!

So this is how we have celebrated Thanksgiving for the last couple years; our day starts out with breakfast, play time, lunch and then a nap. Pretty much every other normal day EXCEPT Mama and Daddy are at home ALL day to play and have fun! Then after nap time we go into town to the local bowling alley and we have a complete and utter blast. We bowl, play air hockey, order pizzas and rock out with the disco lights on. It’s never busy and we always have a good time. Our friends have kind of caught on to our annual celebration.

No one (i.e. me) had to spend two days cooking, baking and cleaning, or packing and doing laundry. No one had to force my children into our van with a million supplies to then be crammed into an overcrowded family members house for the rest of the day. No one had to holler and yell at the older two to behave when their worn thin and no one had to take turns pacing with a one-year-old that can’t sleep anywhere but his crib while he screams at the top of his lungs.

And you know what? I am so thankful that I get to spend the day playing with my kids and being with my husband and my kids are so thankful that they got to spend the day with us. So turkey shmurkey, I’ll take pizza and bowling from here out!

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