17 Cheap Pregnancy Products That Are Total Game-Changers

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Maternity Leggings

Image: Old Navy

When you get to the point where you just can’t wear “regular” pants anymore (which happens at a different point for everyone) it’s time to switch to leggings. Leggings are far more forgiving than jeans or other types of pants. They also can make you feel like you’re still put together in a way that pajama bottoms and sweatpants don’t. It’s the superpower of leggings. Even though you can get yoga top leggings from just about anywhere now (they are far more accommodating of a growing belly than a regular elastic waist,) maternity leggings are designed specifically to allow for a growing bump. Instead of a yoga top, there’s a stretchy panel that will cradle your belly so you don’t feel all jiggly.

Get these maternity leggings from Old Navy for $17

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