17 Cheap Pregnancy Products That Are Total Game-Changers

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Face Cleanser

Image: La Roche Posay

Pregnancy does a number on our faces. With our hormones doing all sorts of wacky shit, more often than not, it shows up where everyone can see it. For some of us that means acne, which is even less fun at 30 than it was in high school. For some, it just means that our skin has become totally unpredictable. But we have to be gentle on our pregnancy skin because much like every other part of our pregnancy body, it can flare up and punish us for no real reason. So, when picking out a skin cleanser, we don’t want just use whatever’s laying around. A good quality hydrating cleanser will be cheaper in the long run.

Try this hydrating cleanser from La Roche Posay for $15

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