17 Cheap Pregnancy Products That Are Total Game-Changers

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Perineal Massage Oil

Image: Amazon

Hear me out about this one. It sounds like a batshit crazy thing to suggest, but it’s totally a game changer. Your perineum, which goes from the back of the vagina and vulva all the way to your rectum, is super important during delivery. This is the area that suffers the trauma of tearing or an episiotomy. So, if you can prepare it before labor, there’s always a better chance that you will not tear or need to be cut. And if you can avoid that (the healing can be awful) wouldn’t you want to? Towards the last month of so of your pregnancy, massaging your perineum daily could help you avoid a world of literal hurt. You don’t want stitches in your vagina — seriously.

Grab this oil from Amazon for $14

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